Andrean Simons-Burnett, PhD

Andrean Simons-Burnett, PhD

phone: 319-384-4450


Associate Professor, Pathology & Radiation Oncology, University of Iowa


1161 Medical Laboratories
51 Newton Road
Iowa City, IA 52242



Michigan Technology University
BS, Biochemistry, Iowa State University
PhD, Toxicology and Food Science and Technology, Iowa State University
Post Doctorate, Free Radical and Radiation Biology, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

Research interest: The overall goal of our research program is to design novel and effective strategies to prevent the development of oral cancers from pre-malignant lesions and improve therapy options and quality of life for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patients. Our current research focus investigates how members of the Toll/Interleukin-1 Receptor (TIR) family are involved in response to therapies used for HNSCC i.e. radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Our laboratory is affiliated with the Department of Pathology, Department of Radiation Oncology and the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa.

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