Jennifer Filbey, PhD

Jennifer Filbey, PhD



CEO, Mazen Animal Health


ISU Research Park
1805 Collaboration Place, Suite 1250
Ames, IA 50010-9166



B.A. in Chemistry from Western Maryland College

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Research interest: Mazen Animal Health is a new company focused on developing, delivering and commercializing novel biological vaccines and therapeutics that disrupt the status quo and address complex or unsolved challenges in animal health and protein production. Their first disruptive solution is a reinvention of vaccines with a novel technology platform that will shift the paradigm in disease prevention. Founder and CEO Jenny Filbey has dedicated her career to the translation of science into meaningful commercial businesses. Filbey takes an active interest in aligning stakeholders for all to experience commercial success. Filbey’s specific experience in assembling science, creating and funding start-ups, coupled with her breadth of experience across the life science industry has proven to benefit Mazen. Determined to disrupt the animal vaccine market, Filbey has established a world class team, leading them in the development and commercialization of Mazen’s oral vaccines.