Qun Wang, PhD

Qun Wang, PhD

email: qunwang@iastate.edu
phone: 515-294-4218


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Iowa State University


1014 Sweeney Hall
618 Bissell Road
Ames, IA 50011-1098



PhD in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from University of Kansas in 2010

PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Wuhan University in 2007

Research interests:

Dr. Wang’s areas of interest include Biomaterials, Organoid, Nanotechnology, and Drug Delivery. At Iowa State University, Dr. Wang BONDs his research in these areas to produce innovative solutions and products for improving human health. Specifically, the current research in Wang Laboratory focuses on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine using organoids, biomaterials mediated organoids and stem cell reprogramming, as well as organoids and cell-mediated drug delivery. The ongoing projects include the investigation of ex vivo culture systems of intestinal stem cells and organoids, the development of new administration systems of organoids, organoids and stem cells reprogramming, and the oral drug delivery systems targeting the intestinal mucosa.

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