Nanovaccine Staff and Faculty Members selected for Iowa State’s Emerging Leaders Academy

July 15, 2022 – Ames, IA – Nanovaccine Institute research member Dr. Bryan Bellaire and Research Administrator Hanna Bates were selected for the 2022-2023 Emerging Leaders Academy at Iowa State University.

The Emerging Leaders Academy is a cohort-based initiative that spans each academic year for faculty and staff who seek to better develop their leadership skills. The program includes professional development sessions and a capstone project to support the Iowa State University mission and strategic planning.

Dr. Bryan Bellaire is a researcher with the Nanovaccine Institute and an Associate Professor in Vet Microbiology and Preventative Medicine at Iowa State University. His research is focused on understanding the microbial and cellular events that take place during chronic infections. His work emphasizes translational medicine to develop effective treatments against drug-resistant infections and emerging diseases.

Hanna Bates recently joined the Nanovaccine Institute as a Research Administrator in Spring 2022. Bates manages post award administration for researchers as well as science communication efforts to a variety of stakeholders. Bates has nearly a decade-long experience in research administration, science communication, and research. Previous research work focused on the adoption and diffusion of technologies at multiple scales, ranging from the individual-level to a national agency.

The Nanovaccine Institute is a consortium of 79 researchers at 24 universities, research institutes, national laboratories, and companies aimed to develop nanovaccines and nanotherapeutics to revolutionize how diseases are prevented and treated on a global scale. The consortium represents a transdisciplinary merger of expertise in immunology, nanotechnology, materials science, microbiology, neuroscience, cancer biology, gerontology, clinical science, and social science.

Information Contact:

Hanna Bates, Research Administrator, Nanovaccine Institute. Email: Phone: 515-294-2194