Nanovax 2025 will occur in Spring 2025. 

    This conference is centered on bringing nanoparticle-based research on the development of next-generation vaccines and therapeutics to patients within a Systems Framework. As the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic revealed, the health of people and global social-ecological systems are closely intertwined, and so the solutions to emergent diseases must be able to be effective within the social-ecological system in which humans and animals co-exist. The foundation of the symposium is based on communication, coordination, and collaboration to advance equitable health solutions that span the continuum from basic research through formulation, testing, and manufacturing and regulatory protocols.

    The event will bring together experts from all corners of vaccine and therapeutic research to advance promising and robust next-generation nanovaccines and nanotherapeutics through regulatory approvals and to clinical trials. The program will emphasize a transdisciplinary approach to transform the design and manufacturing of nanovaccines and nanotherapeutics that integrates nanotechnology, materials science, immunology, oncology, neuroscience, microbiology, clinical science, and social science.

    The program committee also believes that innovative research is centered on early career development and training to foster the next generation of scientists. Programming will emphasize early career participation, mentorship, and high-impact research opportunities.

    To bring together experts from all corners of vaccine and therapeutic research to advance novel next-generation nanoparticle-based vaccines and therapeutics to clinical trials.

    To facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise towards translation of the development, manufacturing, and access to safe and effective nanovaccines and nanotherapeutics for human and animal health on a global scale, as well as the public dissemination of this knowledge.

    With the promotion of nano-based vaccines and therapeutics, we envision healthy and resilient social-ecological communities around the world that have equitable access to medical countermeasures to mitigate emergent global public health challenges.

    Program Contact

    Hanna Bates
    Research Administrator III
    Nanovaccine Institute