The Nanovaccine Institute launches New Website

May 3, 2022 – Ames, IA – The Nanovaccine Institute, housed at Iowa State University, is proud to announce a new website that will be published in May 2022. The new website will offer a modern layout with easy navigation and useful tools for the public and researchers to connect with Nanovaccine Institute partners. This website launch, among other efforts, is one of many steps to deliver translational research in immunotherapy technologies.

We have the potential to have a meaningful impact on diseases that cause significant morbidity and mortality on a global scale,” says Dr. Balaji Narasimhan, Director of the Nanovaccine Institute. “Having a transdisciplinary team to tackle these issues and to establish effective collaborations and outreach is essential.”

The Nanovaccine Institute is undertaking research in the prevention and treatment of diseases that have a devastating impact around the world, including COVID-19, Influenza, neural disorders, cancer, and veterinary disease including the avian flu. The new website will serve as a primary resource for up-to-date research findings and will spotlight Nanovaccine Institute researchers and institutions in a multimedia format. Other communication efforts available include a newsletter and seminar series intended to inform the academic community, media, and interested members of the public about ongoing research. Interested individuals can also follow the Nanovaccine Institute on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Nanovaccine Institute is a consortium of 79 researchers at 24 universities, research institutes, national laboratories, and companies aimed to develop nanovaccines and nanotherapeutics to revolutionize how diseases are prevented and treated on a global scale. The consortium represents a transdisciplinary merger of expertise in immunology, nanotechnology, materials science, microbiology, neuroscience, cancer biology, gerontology, clinical science, and social science.

Information Contact:

Hanna Bates, Research Administrator, Nanovaccine Institute. Email: Phone: 515-294-2194